Beginning ES6, The Next Generation of JavaScript

Beginning ES6, The Next Generation of JavaScript
Learn how to compile, install and understand EcmaScript 6, and also use it in several hands-on tutorials

This course is a complete introduction to the exciting, new programming language ES6 - also known as EcmaScript 6, which is the language all internet applications will be written in within the next 5-10 years. It is much more powerful than plain old JavaScript. If you learn to use it, you can dramatically increase your coding productivity!

ES6 seems complicated, because there’s so much to take in, and there’s a lack of definitive resources. In fact, ES6 is very simple and easy to use! This series will fully demistify the process of using ES6!

We will cover many features of ES6 including:

  • Compiling ES6 to JavaScript- ES6 arrow functions- ES6 classes- Rest, Spread and Default- Much More

This course will NOT cover some of ES6’s more difficult to understand or experimental elements. You will learn ONLY the most practical and simple ES6 skills. If you wish to learn about ES6 Modules, Generators or API Reflection, you may wish to seek out a more advanced course on ES6.

This course is packed with video tutorials and hands-on examples. You’ll want to be ready to code along at home to get the most from this course.

If you want to take your Web Development to the next level, and be SUPER-employable for the long-term, this is the course for you!


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