Vue.js 2 Essentials: Build Your First Vue App

Vue.js 2 Essentials: Build Your First Vue App
Learn the essential features of VueJS 2 by building build a professional, real world web application using Vue.js

Vue.js 2 is one of the hottest Javascript frameworks right now and demand for Vue developers is quickly growing amongst employers.

Because Vue is so intuitive there’s no need to do long boring lectures to learn it. In this course we will learn by doing. I will lead you through the process of building a simple but powerful e-commerce UI complete with products and a shopping cart that will utilise most of the essential features of Vue.

Even if you’ve never touched Vue.js before, or any other Javascript framework, you’ll have completed a working Vue.js app by the time you’ve finished this course.

In addition to writing code, we will also take the time to discuss the essential Vue concepts so that you leave with a solid understanding of Vue in addition to having the skill and confidence to go and start building your own Vue apps.

This course is ideal for existing web developers looking to upskill with Vue.js, but so long as you know Javascript you will be able to learn from this course.

However, if you’re mostly looking to learn advanced concepts of Vue.js like single page components or server-side rendering, this course probably isn’t for you as we’re going to be focusing on the essentials.


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