Learn Ruby on Rails: Stripe Payment Processing

Learn Ruby on Rails: Stripe Payment Processing
Learn How to Make a Web App That Uses Stripe to Accept One-Off or Subscription Payments.

Whatever the brilliant idea, product, or service, an e-commerce website simply won’t function without streamlined, intuitive payment processing. In this course we’ll be providing an essential breakdown of activating Stripe using Rails to allow you to start receiving income without all the stress of merchant accounts and banks. Stripe is quickly becoming an industry standard for payment processing, and is an effective tool you cannot afford to be without.

In this course, you will learn the most straightforward way to accept one-off payments or recurring billing with your Rails web applications. You will also learn how to: Implement Bootstrap with HTML templates, add Stripe to your site, email receipts with Sendgrid, build a web application with Ruby on Rails, and deploy your application with Heroku.


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