Learn MongoDB 3.0 and Rapidly Develop Scalable Applications

Learn MongoDB 3.0 and Rapidly Develop Scalable Applications
Become a better developer with this complete intro to MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL Database around

Do you want to quickly build web applications without the hassles of SQL?

Are you tired of unscalable back ends and messing about with fixed schemas?

Building web applications quickly has never been easier, thanks to MongoDB. Its flexible schema and document-oriented nature make MongoDB the most developer-friendly database in existence, allowing you to quickly prototype an application and scale to huge numbers of users.

That’s why MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database in existence, used by the likes of Craigslist, eBay, Foursquare, and The New York Times.

In this course you’ll get a practical intro to MongoDB. We’ll use a fun learning approach with great examples. By following along you will quickly and effortlessly be up to speed with MongoDB and you’ll become a more complete developer.


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