Learn React : The World's Most Lucrative JavaScript Library

Learn React : The World's Most Lucrative JavaScript Library
Learn React and Redux by building a Spotify, Shopping Cart and a Uber Price App using the latest ES6, NPM and Webpack

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Learn React by doing!. Everything relating to the modern web framework React  and latest practices are jam packed into this course.

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What are we going to cover and use ?

React - ReactRedux - React Router - Middleware - ES6 - NPM - Webpack

We’ll be using the best practices in the industry to build products that you can share with your friends. Forget the boring TODO and Hello World app tutorials, learn the fundamentals and core concepts of how React works whilst building applications you’re proud off and will use and share with your friends.

You’ll be building three scalable real apps from the scratch:

1 - Spotify App - Search for and play snippets of your favourite songs using React and it’s principles
2 - **Shopping Cart App - **Build a shopping cart using Redux and master all of Redux’s concepts and ideologies
3 - Uber Price Estimation App - Find out how much a uber ride is going to cost you from start to end, using React, Redux, React-Router, Middleware, Fetch

During this course you’ll learn and get to work with:

We’ll be using diagrams and flowcharts throughout our course to pictorially explain what is happening at each step and how this fits into the bigger picture of React, we leave no stone unturned when going over core theories of this popular and fast framework.

Learn React’s popular JSX markup language, combining HTML and Javascript and get quickly trained on breaking down large applications into much smaller component based solutions that you can re-use throughout your code.

Understand how ‘props’ and ‘state’ work, more importantly understand what the exactly are, what they do and why they are necessary.

Learn Redux, one of the most popular front end data management libraries, we’ll break Redux down to it’s very core, understand what it exactly is, why it does it, why it’s so famous. Learn how to easily manage your data using Redux and build complex applications, and become that person who explains theories about Redux others didn’t even know.

We learn about Redux middleware, nothing is explained using jargon and everything is taught in a relatable and simple terms, making it extremely easy to grasp all these new concepts

This course not only explains how React, Redux and the several other tools and technologies such as webpack, and ES6 work but goes into exactly how they work, we work from the ground up, from fundamentals to building complex real life apps you can scale easily

I am a bootcamp instructor so I know the importance of responding to answering student questions, I will respond within 12-18 hours of any question you post!

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