Artificial Intelligence 2018: Build the Most Powerful AI

Artificial Intelligence 2018: Build the Most Powerful AI
Learn, build and implement the most powerful AI model at home. Compete with multi-billion dollars companies using ARS.

Two months ago we discovered that a very new kind of AI was invented.

The kind of AI which is based on a genius idea and that you can build from scratch and without the need for any framework.

We checked that out, we built it, and… the results are absolutely insane!

This game-changing AI called Augmented Random Search, ARS for short.

And in a very simple implementation, it is able to do an exact same thing that Google Deep Mind did in their accomplishment last year  - which is to train an AI to walk and run across a field.

However, ARS is 100x times faster and 100x times more powerful.

Who is the target audience?


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